New music for Hanukkah!

I am so excited to tell you that I am hard at work on my album of Hanukkah music! I have written eight brand new songs for Hanukkah, including three children's songs, and I have enlisted the help of many wonderful local musicians to bring my songs to life.

I plan to start a crowd funding campaign - on KickStarter, if they'll have me - very soon, so I have uploaded the first completed song here - check out the site wide music player. I'm hoping you will listen and be eager to hear the rest!

Spin The Dreidel - which you can listen to now - is a song that tells the folk story of how the dreidel game was used hide Torah study from the soldiers in the army of Antiochus. 
The Small Jewel of December speaks of the beauty of this small holiday in the shadow of another one that falls at the same time of year.
Judah Macabee Standing Tall is an ode to the acknowledged hero of the Hanukkah story.
With This Flame is a meditation on how the light from the candle flames might inspire us to begin work on the mitzvah of repairing the world.
Zot Hanukkah tells about the mystical connection between Hanukkah and Yom Kippur.
Happy Hanukkah PotatoesSufganiyot, and I'm a Dreidel are children's songs - about just what their titles say.

The album, titled With This Flame, is being produced by my good friend Steve Kohn, recorded and mixed by the fabulously talented Clark Paddock at Mountain Ledge Studios in Ledgewood, NJ and features the talents of numerous wonderful local musicians: Clark on bass and "tuba",Steve on piano, vocal harmony, and hand percussion, Renee Paddock on violin, Cort Sauerwein on accordion, Seth Rosenstein on drums, Joe Guerra on guitar, David Bishop on clarinet and piano, Rachel Kohn on flute, Audrey Wells on harmony vocals, Dr. Robert Werner on banjo, and Roberta Foster on ukulele and banjo-uke.

I can't wait for you to hear it!