I've been writing for as long as I can remember.

At first I wrote poems illustrated with ink and watercolor drawings. Later, I wrote stories and sold them to Highlights for Children, Young Miss (YM), Children's Digest, and Story Friends magazines. I sold non-fiction to Cobblestone and Health Explorer magazines. 

I wrote lullabies for my children, and, when I was fifty two, a song for my sister Christine. That song led me to connect with Renee & Clark Paddock at their Riverside Rhythm and Rhyme open mic. Together with my dear friend Phil Landis, we began performing, as Karen Kamenetsky & Friends, at coffee houses, music festivals, farm markets, and one "Great American Roadhouse",  

I recorded Every Day Matters at Mountain Ledge Musicin 2011 and Sing With Me, in 2012. Songs from With This Flamehave been playing on Sirius XM Radio's Hanukkah Channel, Jet Blue, United Airlines, and in some unidentified elevators, every year since its release in 2013. My songs have also been featured on the Woman of Substance Radio Podcast.

I've been interviewed on WRNJ, by Mel Thiel at WNTI, Ron Olesko at WDFU, and Joe Pszonek at WMSC radio, on the "Horses Sing None of It" Cable Television show (#537, 3/14/2012), and on The Songwriter's Gig podcast.

In 2020, I retired after forty years as a pharmacist and began one of my "bucket list" projects - writing a "cozy" mystery novel. I finished the first draft in June of 2021. After feedback from my writer's group, many revisions, editing, searching for musicians to record the five original songs in the book, and more revisions, I am now searching for an agent and a publisher. That journey is detailed in my BLOG.

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