Songs for Tu B'Shevat - Celebrating the New Year of the Trees

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Every Growing Thing was inspired by a quote from Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook who said:
"Every tree, every growing thing speaks, every stone utters a song."

The Date Tree is a sing-a-long with hand motions to celebrate the contributions of the lovely date tree.

Grandpa's Tree was inspired by the Talmud story of Honi the Circle Maker.

Tu B'Shevat Song. This is a new one and I haven't done a studio recording yet - but you can listen to my in-home recording.

NEW PROJECT: a mystery novel!

Singer-songwriter Sam Cook goes to the Oak Hill Music Festival to perform but, after stumbling over two dead bodies, finds herself searching for clues, surviving a bear attack, and, just when she thinks he’s been caught, fending off the killer, who tries to strangle her in her hospital bed.

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Heels on a Train 


SONGS from my Cozy Mystery

All of the songs were written by me, in the voices of some of the characters from my book. Four of them are performed here  by some fabulous local and regional artists. Click the arrows on the right below the song titles to move to other songs.

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