Musical Goings On

Seems like the first open mic at the Eastern Asian Bistro last Thursday - hosted by me - was so well received - with so many people happy to have a place to play - that there will be another open mic there this Thursday, hosted by James Furman and Wolf Mojo. They will have a full sound system, bass amp, even drums from what I hear - so if you want to make some beautiful noise - be there for sign ups at 6:30 pm. We had twelve people step up to the mic last Thursday - and twice that many in the audience - a nice start off for the open mic at Eastern Asian Bistro. Stop by and check it out. Songwriters looking to snag a spot as an opener at the fabulous Groove in the Groove music festival being held next weekend at VASA Park should head over to Enzos Pizza Budd Lake for the Mountain Ledge Music - Groove in the Grove open mic. Maura Glynn, Jeff Rusch of WNTI, and Joe Pszonek of Radio Nowhere on WMSC are the judges who will choose two lucky songwriters to open the festivities. On Friday 6/12/15, Skylands Songwriters Guild and Kevin DeFeo are hosting Kevin's SSG Party on the Patio at Vasa Park from 6-8 pm (or so), 6/12/15. This will be Round Robin songwriter event with short sets from Kevin, Bernie Drury, Don Elliker, WinterLong, and ME! RSVP to the Facebook event page if you would like to attend. All are welcome, but Vasa is a private club, so you will need an invitation to attend. "Friday Night Dinner" will be available - message Kevin for details - and the Tiki Bar will be open. I'm hoping to do a few songs I haven't played very often in the last year or so - like 67 Miles, and Highlands, and maybe River Runs By.

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