With This Flame: Album Dedication

This album is dedicated Rabbi Laurence Skopitz (may his memory be for a blessing), who was my teacher and my friend and who taught me, some thirty years ago, that becoming a practicing Jew is like embarking on a journey that never ends; there is always something else to learn, some way to move forward on the path of observance. It is dedicated to him because the process of creating this collection of songs proved once again how right he was
I began this journey thinking I would come up with a few more songs to sing at our Hanukkah celebrations, but, as I worked through finding topics and melodies and meaning for the songs, I ended up learning some things, just like he said I would, and I found that there was something I could take away from this holiday that would help me move forward on my path.

With This Flame: Album Thank-Yous

Thank You to:
My husband, Leonard, who is a source of unwavering support for every creative endeavor I embark upon, no matter how crazy it seems, who is my tether to solid ground when I get carried away, who keeps me supplied with beautiful musical instruments, and who is still the love of my life, after all these years.

Steven Kohn, for his honesty and expertise, his patience and musical creativity, and his enormous generosity; for helping me re-learn piano and improve my vocal performance; for the wonderful ideas on style and tempo and instrumentation for each of the songs on this album, and for the gentle guidance that helps make every song I bring to him the best it can be.

Clark Paddock, who with his quiet mastery of the nuances of the recording process, impeccable sense of timing, and plain hard work wove the many and diverse musical tracks recorded by multiple musicians into this wonderful album.   

All of the talented and generous musicians who contributed to this album and who are listed in the lyric booklet; I could not have brought these songs to life without your help and I am deeply indebted to each one of you.

Anne Mitchell for the spectacular cover art.

Rabbi Scott Roland, for the sermon that inspired Zot Hanukkah; for his help recruiting the children’s chorus and reviewing lyrics; and for the answers to my unending stream of questions on all things Jewish.

Rabbi Moshe Rudin, who reviewed the lyrics for the first three songs for me and whose enthusiasm for my music was an inspiration to continue until this album became a reality.

Renee Paddock, who believed I was a songwriter before I did, who believes in my music even when I am unsure, and who is a kind and generous friend.

Everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter Campaign that helped fund the production of this CD, especially Bernie Drury, Leonard Kamenetsky, and my wonderful parents, Barbara and Marco Cutinello.