First version, recorded on my cell phone.


I’ve known all my life where I needed to be.
No corner office, corporate board room, fancy title, necessary.
I Don’t need my name on the theater marquee.
I just need to be in a place where my spirit is free.

There’s more than one path to success, dear, more than one route to prosperity.
I don’t rue a single choice, I would rather rejoice,
‘Cause I ended up here with you next to me.

I love the life we’ve made. There is nothing I would trade,
Not the mountains or the little house and garden by the stream, no I
Wouldn’t change a thing, ‘cause we’re livin’ the dream.

I don’t need that much to be happy, don’t need more in the bank than I’ve got.
I’ll take sunlight on your face, dewdrops on Queen Anne’s lace,
I would rather be me than something I’m not.

We don’t own a fancy car, but we can walk out our door and see every star,
We haven't traveled very far, but my heart knows that where we should be, is where we are.

No I wouldn’t change a thing.