Writing My First Cozy Mystery: Sunday Spacial #5

Today's Sunday special is all about my favorite ways to keep my sandwich (made of provisions deli slices and Parmela Smoky Gouda) fresh, while causing the least amount of harm to the planet.

Plastic wrap was my go to in the past.

NationalGeographic.com has this to say about the effects of plastic wrap on the environment.

"Plastic wrap contributes to the larger plastic pollution crisis, it’s difficult to recycle, and it’s made from potentially harmful chemicals, especially as they break down in the environment.

...even when plastic wrap is recycled, it's costlier than using virgin materials. When it ends up in landfills or incinerators, both PVC and PVDC can release a highly toxic chemical called dioxin, says the World Health Organization. 

In marine environments, plastic wrap contributes to a larger plastic pollution crisis, but unlike other plastics, scientists are finding that PVC and PVDC do great jobs of picking up bacteria and metals. Those contaminated pieces of microplastic then harm the fish that mistake them for food."

With that in mind, I stopped purchasing plastic wrap some time ago. I did try keeping a box of recycled plastic wrap around for "emergencies" - but then I found there are many better solutions.

Here are some of my favorite options for sandwich transport that are planet-friendly.

I tried reusable bags, like these - and they are a great option because the create zero waste - but I find them difficult to clean and store.









A glass dish with a cover absolutely works - and I do use these sometimes - especially for a sandwich I want to heat up in the microwave - because I don't heat things in plastic in the microwave.



Another solid and very basic option and  is to go very old school and simply wrap the sandwich in wax paper. I use unbleached. But the wrap can come undone and let too much air in, contributing to a stale bread, dry sandwich situation - or a totally deconstructed sandwich, if it comes completely undone.




These unbleached paper sandwich bags are a step up from a simple wax paper wrap, but without a sealed edge, they still aren't perfect.









These are my #1 favorite for portability, they are light and have a seal - and they are recyclable. I also love the fun patterns. Using them still creates waste though, so I try to save them for when weight and size matter - like when I need to fit a PB&J into the small backpack I use as a handbag, or into my computer bag.



This Preserve sandwich keeper is my absolute favorite. It is made in the USA from 100% BPA free, recycled #5 plastic. It is light, a good shape to store a sandwich, and dishwasher safe.

Using this container is good for the environment in more ways than one, because, in addition to the sandwich keeper being a recycled , reusable product, Preserve is a Certified B Corporation and has been ranked in the top 5-10% of all B Corps in the environmental impact category for nine years in a row. You can read more about that here.

This container also works well to store open packages of cheese and Provisions Deli slices.

My favorite in the "major corporation moving in the right direction" category is SCJohnson's Ziplock recyclable paper sandwich bags. More proof, I believe, that we can drive what is offered to us by what we demand and what we purchase.







Tell me all about your favorite planet-friendly sandwich storage solutions in the comments.


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