There is absolutley nothing like the taste of Jersey Tomato right off the vine. For me, that is the taste of summer.

I never could eat those pale, mealy things they sell in the grocery store in January, hard and pinkish on the outside with greenish seeds. A little research reveals why. The tomatoes grown in warmer climates for shipment to New Jersey in the winter are bred to store well and ship well, not to taste good. And let's not even talk about the nutritional comparison.

One day, in the grocery store, I spotted those celophane wrapped three packs containing ghosts of tomatoes, I started humming a little melody to myself, and before long, I had a song about a tomato named Tom.

At that time, the only tomatoes in my home were from the local farm market, a friends's garden, or a pot on my deck.

Then I read another book:
"Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit." by Barry Estabrook

And now I am a local tomato crusader.

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