Writing my First Cozy Mystery: Who is Samantha Cook?

People often ask if a particularly personal sounding song lyric is taken directly from my life. Sometimes it is. 

In my early days of songwriting, it almost always was. As I tried to grow and improve as a songwriter, I made a special effort to write songs that told a story that wasn't mine. Stories about purely fictional characters that might speak a universal truth. It felt odd the first time I sang a song I had written in the first person that wasn't about me. Now, I know that the translation of what I've been through into a universal experience makes a better song.

Last week, I heard Alison Stewart interview Mike Errico on WNYC Public Radio's ALL OF IT. Mike is the author of a new book called "Music, Lyrics, and Life, A Field Guide for the Advancing Songwriter." I haven't read the book yet, but in response to a viewer's question about putting your life into a song, Mike said, "Your bruises are not necessarily destined for stardom." I don't know if he dropped the mic, but I'm pretty sure I heard it hit the floor.

So, now I've written my first cozy mystery novel. The mystery is not autobiographical in any way, but the story is written in the first-person voice of a female singer-songwriter, and I expect the question will be asked - is Sam Cook the fictional version of me? 

Well, she is a singer-songwriter, so we have that in common, but she isn't me. Sam has one thing I've always wanted, naturally curly hair, and she is a person I would like to know, but she isn't me.

Sam is about thirty years younger than me. She is writing and singing her songs, performing with her trio, and enjoying a fair degree of success. She has, after all, been chosen to appear on the "Up and Coming Stage" at the "Oak Hill Folk Festival". When I was her age, I was married and raising two kids while working part-time as a pharmacist. I didn't play songs I'd written in public until I was fifty-four.

She is also more fit and more agile than I have ever been. There is no point in my life so far where I could have climbed out a second story window, dropped onto a potting shed and made it to the ground alive, as Sam does in Chapter Five.

Sam is braver than I am too. She confronts a killer, after all, something I have never done and hope never to do. She is the character I created to fit into the musical setting of my story. I gave her all the traits I thought she would need to solve the mystery - and I tried to make her interesting and likable and a little flawed, like all of us. Sam Cook is my creation, but she isn't me.

The beautiful artwork at the top of this post is a multi-media piece done by my daughter. If you'd like to purchase a signed print, let me know and give me some contact info, in the comments, or using the contact form on this website. I will get back to you with details.

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